Kim K's VMAs Jewelry Is The Perfect Trend To Rock At Your Next Festival

Kim Kardashian absolutely slayed the white carpet at the MTV VMAs this Sunday.

She looked gorgeous in a completely see-through dress. If I wore something like that, the cops would show up and there would be a full-blown evacuation.

But when Kim does it, the world is left stunned.

Just check out how fabulous she looks.


Kanye, you look OK. Nice T-shirt, pal.

Back to Kim. Let's take a closer look at this beautiful VMAs outfit. My favorite part honestly has to be her jewelry. CHECK OUT THAT NECKLACE, YO.


The layered gold chains look incredible with her low-cut sheer dress.

I don't know much about fashion or jewelry or style, but I do know these necklaces would be the perfect accessories for your next festival look.

THNK ABOUT IT. Just picture yourself at The Meadows in October jumping up and down to The Weeknd and Kanye West wearing these babies.

Chunky gold necklaces look awesome paired with solid colors and even better with jean shorts and sunglasses. Move over Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian is the new queen of festival fashion.

Check out some other looks to really inspire your next festival outfit.

Gold on gold on gold. These necklaces are a must for Electric Zoo and you know it.

Layers are the way to go this festival season and that's a fact.

SOMEONE BUY THIS FOR ME NOW. Global Citizen Festival is coming up...

...and iHeart Radio! These necklaces are perfect if you're all about that choker life.

Whatever show is next on your bucket list, be sure to add a gold necklace to kill it this festival season.

Thanks for the inspo, Kim!