Two Men Reportedly Followed Kim Kardashian For Days Before The Robbery

There is new information surrounding the armed robbery and attack on Kim Kardashian.

The 35-year-old reality star was held up at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room on Sunday night and robbed of $10 million worth of jewels.

Now, a source close to the French police reveals the incident may have been coordinated days before.


According to the Daily Mail, Kim Kardashian was tailed by two men who posed as a detective and a photographer.

The men (who have only been identified as "Caucasian" and "North African") followed the star to gain "close surveillance" information to help them plan the robbery.

The source explains one of the men attempted to gain access to Kim at a restaurant while the other tried to join the paparazzi to get "inside" information.


The insider added,

Kim Kardashian was tailed for at least three days before the robbery. We know there was one man who pretended to be a photographer who followed the American celebrity on a motorbike to find out her whereabouts. Another man pretended to be a plain-clothed detective to try to get a seat next to her at the exclusive Ferdi restaurant on Thursday night.

The men's activity began to make people skeptical and suspicious of their motives. The source shared,

But both men were fakes. The photographer tried to listen in to the conversations by other snappers but he was challenged by the genuine ones. And the so-called policeman fled when staff at Ferdi asked to see his credentials.

The two men are thought to be members of a "sophisticated international criminal organization," and detectives are currently compiling clues. The source revealed,

We know the license plate of one of the vehicles used, a Fiat 500, and a photograph of one of the suspects. They both appear to be French and highly professional. But this kind of robbery could only have been carried out by a sophisticated international criminal organization. It would have to be if they had any hope of re-classify the stolen jewels and sell them again.

Fortunately, Kim Kardashian arrived safely to New York on Monday afternoon and was greeted by Kanye West.

The rapper has not commented on the attack, but he is putting his tour on hold to spend time with his wife and help her recover. Although Kim was physically unharmed, her rep says she was "badly shaken."

Our thoughts are with the Kardashian-West family during this time.

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