Kim Kardashian's Snapchat Is Totally Different Than Yours And We Have Theories

by Hope Schreiber

The Kardashians aren't just reality TV stars -- they're social media moguls.

While I claim to be social media-savvy myself, my own pitfall will always be Snapchat. I originally used it, like everyone else did when it was first released, to send short-lived nudes.

Now, as a less slutty, more professionally minded young woman, I hardly send snaps, but YEAH, I NOTICED ONE FEATURE KIM KARDASHIAN'S SNAPCHAT HAD THAT MINE DIDN'T.



While "KUWTK" told the harrowing story of Kim's robbery in Paris, they creatively interlaced Kim's Snapchats with their own footage.

But the timer itself is way too high. As we all know, there is a maximum time on Snapchat of 10 seconds. So, why did we see snaps from Kim that started to countdown from 95?

Mashable reached out to Kim's spokeswoman, who said,

According to her, it's not different.

Now, it is true Snapchat used to have a timed countdown clock when you watched someone's story, but that feature was made obsolete way back in 2015 -- which is before Kim even joined the app.

Snaps featured on the episode were also posted on the app right after each other, as seen on @kimsnapschats -- and the timer adds up. It is as if Kim Kardashian time traveled back to 2015 to download the application.

1. So, is Kim Kardashian a time traveler?

That's my theory, but many said I was reaching and possibly a bit touched in the head.

2. OR is it possible Kim has a very special, very exclusive version of the app regular humans like us do not have access to?!

Totally possible, but why would E! blow the cover on this cooler version of Snapchat if it's meant to be low-key??

While viewing your own story, the clock doesn't display at all, so this does not seem very likely...

3. The countdown was added during editing.

Perhaps someone in the editing room didn't realize countdowns don't appear anymore?

Certainly, this makes the most sense, but it is the most boring answer and therefore, I will disregard it completely.

And by the powers of deduction, we can only safely assume Kim Kardashian is, in fact, a time traveler.


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