Kim Kardashian's Contour Kits Have Sold Out, And Here's When They Might Restock

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Just like when her crème contour kits dropped, Kim Kardashian's powder contour kits from KKW Beauty sold out after they were launched on Aug. 22. The kits officially went on sale at 3 p.m. EST on Tuesday and sold out Tuesday evening. If you couldn't get your virtual hands on a powder contour kit from KKWBeauty.com, we know exactly what you're thinking: When will Kim Kardashian's contour kits restock?

The KKW Beauty crème contour kits went on sale June 21 and quickly sold out the same day, then they were restocked shortly after and available for purchase again on July 6. That's only a 15-day turnaround rate, so it's possible the KKW Beauty powder contour kits will restock just as fast. Hear that, Kim K fans? Kim K's powder contour kits could be available again in just two weeks! *Internet sighs in relief then goes back to watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians reruns*

On top of the powder contour kits going on sale, the crème contour kits were restocked, marking the second restock of that product since its initial release on June 21. Kardashian's KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Crème Liquid Lipstick also restocked, so Tuesday was a day of emptying wallets.

Lots of YouTube makeup artists have been posting swatches and reviews of the new KKW Beauty powder contour kits, and the reviews are generally good across the board!

YouTuber Gabriel Zamora loves the bronzer and contour shades, but wishes the highlighter was a little more reflective.

YouTuber Sonjdra Deluxe loves how the colors in the palette have more of a sheer finish.

And in this tutorial, YouTuber Desi Perkins does Kim Kardashian's makeup using the KKW Beauty powder contour and highlight kit.

So, what do you think? Will you be impatiently waiting for the next KKW Beauty restock, or are you gonna pass on this one?