Kim Kardashian Just Went Platinum Blonde And It Might Be For Paris Hilton

REX/ Shutterstock

Celebrating a birthday in Hollywood has basically become a competitive sport in which celebrities try to one-up each other in their efforts to honor friends' special days.

Whether they're throwing their boo a party for $30,000, buying each other expensive new rides or planning a lavish weed-themed birthday bash, these celebrities aren't messing around.

However, Kim Kardashian took a different approach to the "birthday game" while celebrating Paris Hilton's big day, and there were no presents involved.

Kim K posted a Snapchat late Friday night, and it looks like she dyed her hair platinum blonde in honor of Paris' birthday.

Now that is the epitome of a dedicated friend. Brava, Kim.

Of course, Kim hasn't called to confirm her new 'do isn't just a coincidental change during the birthday celebrations of her famous BFF, but she definitely gives Paris a shoutout in her snaps before showing off her new blonde locks.

Kim's first Snapchat shows her standing in the mirror of a dressing room taking a selfie and showing off her re-visited blonde hair.

"Happy Birthday Paris Hilton!"


It totally looks like she dyed her hair blonde for Paris, if you ask me.

In Kim's continued Snapchat story, she poses seductively with a flower crown, letting her platinum hair shine.

Kim? Is that you? Or is that... Paris Hilton?

To be honest, the similarity is uncanny.

If you aren't convinced Kim dyed her hair blonde just for Paris, take a look at her Twitter account.

On Friday night, Kim tweeted the same mirror selfie from her Snapchat and said she's "channeling Paris."

Her entire caption is dedicated to the blonde bombshell, and says,

Today's vibes channeling Paris! Happy Birthday @ParisHilton Can't wait to celebrate with you soon!

So, it's easy to assume Kim dyed her hair platinum blonde in honor of Paris Hilton's birthday, and posted pictures on social media to prove their everlasting friendship.

I think a party would've sufficed, but that's just me.