Kim K & Kanye West Reportedly Have A Nursery For Their Third Baby & It Sounds Amazing

by Jamie LeeLo
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

It's no secret that Kimye is baby obsessed. Ever since the arrival of North back in 2013, Kim and Kanye have soared to the top of the celebrity parent pack, delivering us photo after photo to obsess over. Then came along Saint in 2015, rounding off the family of four with a baby boy and another stellar name. Now, rumors say Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby nursery is already set up for the third baby-to-be, and we seriously can't wait to learn more.

Elite Daily reached out to Kim Kardashian's team for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Kardashian has been extremely candid and vocal about how difficult her first two pregnancies were, and based on heavy speculation, it sounds like she will be using a surrogate for their third child. In a Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, she joked about begging sister Khloé to carry her third child for her, and admitted that she and Kanye used to be against the idea of surrogacy, but have since come around.

Even more recently, she heavily hinted to The Hollywood Reporter that the third bundle of joy is in the works. She said,

There have been a lot of things said, and Kanye and I have not confirmed anything. We're definitely trying. We are hoping so.


Well, the baby has options. A source who spoke with Us Weekly says that Kimye's mega-mansion has been under construction for actual years but is finally almost done, and come October it should be move-in ready. It will boat at least eight bedrooms, and you best believe one (or four) of those is designated for new Baby West. The source says, "The nursery is already set up!"

According to the source, the only person who isn't planning for the baby's arrival is big sis, North. When Saint was on his way, Kardashian blogged about reading North books about big sisters, little brothers, and growing families. Apparently, she doesn't do great with sharing attention, and the source confides that if a third sibling is on the way, they likely won't give North and Saint the heads up until closer to the due date.

Look, I'd think I was the center of the universe if I was North, too. (Actually, now that I think about it, isn't that sort of true?)

When it was go-time for North's early arrival, momager Kris Jenner and Kim's sisters went into overdrive, throwing together the most amazing nursery and room for Kim and her newborn in Kris' house in less than 24 hours.

According to Us Weekly, the all-white room was complete with a crib that cost just shy of $4,000. Not a big deal. Beyond their lux digs, Saint and North have more available to them as infants than the rest of the population do in a lifetime, combined.

Designer clothing, toys, and activities are all game for the famous siblings, as Kim is regularly spotted posting videos of her unboxing children's clothes and thanking various designers and creators for their "gifts" to her kids.

The source continues that Kim is lucky to have such an awesome support system around her and her growing family. They added,

Kim has a great network of family who all want to spend as much time with the kids as possible. And they're so excited to have a third.

You mean, Kim, Kanye, and all of America!

Still, whoever the surrogate mother is, she is obviously caring insanely precious cargo. We wish both her and the family continued respect and discretion while everyone travels down this exciting journey.

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