Kim Kardashian Challenges Trump's Immigration Ban With Eye-Opening 'Statistics'


President Donald Trump's controversial executive order to ban the entry of immigrants from seven primarily Muslim countries hasn't been received well by most people.

That is likely due to the fact he irrationally singled out approximately 218 million people from entering the United States, causing total chaos for both immigrants and American citizens.

The sudden immigration ban stranded several immigrants at major airports.

This includes JFK International Airport, where a number of detainees being held by authorities were eventually released after a federal judge granted a nationwide stay to immigrants from those seven countries who were being held.

While thousands of protesters have taken to the street to fight back against President Trump's immigration ban, a number of celebrities have also spoken out on social media.

Kim Kardashian recently took to Twitter to subtly challenge Trump's controversial executive order with cold, hard facts. The 36-year-old star simply shared a screenshot of a chart labeled, "Number of Americans Killed Annually."

Kardashian captioned the tweet,


The chart shown lists groups of people and things that kill Americans on a yearly basis. According to the chart, Islamic jihadist immigrants have only been responsible for the deaths of two Americans per year.

In comparison, the chart indicates a whopping 11,737 Americans are killed by other Americans per year on average.

Here's Kim Kardashian's tweet challenging President Donald Trump's controversial executive order to ban immigration from seven countries.

Whether you like 'em or not, it's good to see celebrities speaking out against injustice and discrimination. Not only does it highlight the fact they actually care, but it keeps their fans informed on important societal matters.

As of now, President Trump's immigration ban still stands. The federal judge was only able to grant a nationwide stay to immigrants already in the United States being detained at US airports.

However, the ban still applies to immigrants outside of the country.

A White House spokesperson spoke to reporters, saying,

Saturday's ruling does not undercut the President's executive order. All stopped visas will remain stopped. All halted admissions will remain halted. All restricted travel will remain prohibited. The executive order is a vital action toward strengthening America's borders, and therefore sovereignty. The order remains in place.

While it is unclear what will happen next under Trump's watch, several reports hint at more countries being added to the ban list in the near future.

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