Kim Kardashian & Chrissy Teigen Are More Alike Than We Thought

I've seen a lot of crazy news lately, but this one absolutely made my day. It turns out, Kim Kardashian is actually Chrissy Teigen, according a quiz she took.

I can't say I'm surprised. I've had this suspicion for a long time, it was just a matter of time before the truth came out.

Kardashian and Teigen are both married to musicians, have fabulous hair, and gorgeous children.

I guess Kim is as much Chrissy as Chrissy is Kim. Are you following me?

What started as a fun idea turned into a hilarious Twitter joke. It's like the quiz that keeps on giving.

Shortly after challenging Teigen to the Kim-Chrissy quiz, Kardashian tweeted out her surprising results. Turns out, she is Chrissy Teigen.

Twitter went freakin' wild over this.

This is when Kimrissy was born. #Blessed.

I took the quiz three times, actively trying to get Kim Kardashian, but kept getting Teigen. Either I am actually also Chrissy Teigen or this quiz is fixed.

There are various questions about favorite snacks, shoes, and modes of transportation. How did choosing nude nail polish not result in Kim K? Nude is literally her signature color.

Some people did apparently receive Kardashian, so I would like them to also share their answers.

I'm not sure how choosing strappy black stilettos over mint green pumps during the quiz leads to having a "great business sense" in the results. I guess I wouldn't know SINCE I NEVER RECEIVED KARDASHIAN AS MY OUTCOME.

This is the most woke person on Twitter, TBH. Both are queens, and we are lucky they even share their quiz results in the first place.

Next time you're freaking out over a quarter-life crisis, remember that Kim Kardashian found out she wasn't even Kim Kardashian through a quiz. A truly powerful life experience.