Kim Kardashian Shared Bikini Pics For Assistant's Birthday

Not many of us will ever have the chance to be good friends with Kim Kardashian.

That's precisely why we'll never know what it's like when the 35-year-old star helps celebrate your birthday with you. Let's just say Kim's got the festivities for your special day all figured out.

Kim Kardashian celebrated her assistant's birthday on September 15 in the best way -- by posting hot bikini photos all over social media.

What else did you expect from a woman who managed to snap over 6,000 selfies while vacationing in Mexico last month?!

Her assistant, Stephanie Sheppard (also known as Steph Shep), has quite frankly done the best job at keeping up with this particular Kardashian.

A few fun tidbits about Sheppard's talented past include the fact that she was a professional model and dancer as well as a selfie queen just like Kimmy.

So, how does Kim K honor her right-hand woman/assistant Steph Sheppard? With sexy, steamy bikini photos... OF HERSELF.

Yeah, Steph's purposely nowhere to be found in half of these celebratory birthday photos!

Kim made sure to thank Steph for all that she's done for her and for always having her back.

How sweet... Now if only the camera would pan out so we can see more of the birthday girl.

She even praised her for being so "professional" and "responsible."

Is she drinking on the job?!

Finally, Kim Kardashian decided to be "totally selfless" for her last tribute post to Steph.

Because what's life without your "main bitch?"

Eventually, Steph Shep came across Kim's heartfelt birthday shout-outs on Instagram and responded with this tweet.


Oh, Kim, you're exactly the kind of friend/co-worker every person needs in their life. You're just so down to earth and selfless...

You purposely go out of your way to keep your friends grounded on their special day instead of amping them up and fueling their narcissism.

What else are BFFs for?!

Oh yeah, taking selfies. DUH.