Kim Kardashain Reveals Her First Celebrity Crush And It's Actually Pretty Surprising

by Jamie LeeLo

I know you guys don't believe me, but Kim and I are basically the same person. For example we both, uh, like to drink water? Oh-oh!, and there's that thing we have in common where we both love reality TV! PLUS, it's just been confirmed we were into the same celebrity men as teenagers. Kim Kardashian's first celebrity crush was Johnny Depp, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't swoon over mysterious, long-haired men who wore lots and lots of jewelry, too.

Appearing on Ellen Degeneres' new YouTube series Ellen's Show Me More Show, Kim Kardashian sat in the hot seat and answered a variety of hilarious and personal burning questions about her life. From which sister she would rather be trapped in an elevator with, to her favorite Kanye West song, we definitely learn just a little bit more about this mega-celebrity who we all have been following for years.

At the top of the video, Kim admits,

I'm a little bit nervous on what you're gonna ask me, Ellen, but I'm an open book, so bring it on.

TBH, the questions aren't that personal and her responses aren't that scandalous, but she does remind us that she can be super relatable, despite all the obvious things that make her super NOT relatable today. (Ya know, like the money, and the famous husband, and her 20 million dollar mansion, and her personal relationship with every mega fashion designer in the world, etc. etc. etc. Bye, we're dead.)

For the most part, her love life is left totally out of the show. But, when asked "First celebrity crush?" without hesitation, Kim responds, "I think I was obsessed with Johnny Depp."

Hm. Didn't see that one coming. With Kim's history of dating music moguls and athletes, the brooding and angsty persona that Johnny Depp is known for seems a little out of character. (Of course, Kim's interest as a high schooler was many years before Depp's ex-wife, Amber Heard, raised allegations about domestic abuse, which Depp repeatedly denied.)


Kim went on to answer additional questions about her personal life, including another relatable tidbit about her high school years. When asked what secret she would keep from her parents as a teenager, she didn't hold back proclaiming, "I used to cheat on all of my tests."

She continued,

We would wear uniforms, so I would wear this little skirt. I would flip up the skirt and write all of the answers in, like, washable ink. And, what is the teacher going to do? Ask you to lift up your skirt? Like, sexual harassment.

Why did I literally not think of that? Private school-goers, take note.

She also revealed that her favorite body part on herself was her upper stomach (sure! why not!?) and that if she had to listen to one song of Kanye's over and again, it would be "Amazing." She said, "Well, I listen to the song 'Amazing' every day, since it's my daughters favorite song." Yup, checks out.

Sticking with the topic of her husband, she also bashfully admitted that between the two of them, she feels they have equal fashion sense. This is interesting, considering Kim was very public about the "makeover" Kanye gave her when they became official.

I mean natural fashion sense I would probably say him. I think I've like learned to go grow into it, and really love fashion. I'd say it's like a tie now.

Also, her favorite fashion icon is Cher, obviously. And she'd prefer to be stuck in an elevator with her sister Khloé before Kendall, because duh.

All of this to say, I mean really, you guys, what is Kim Kardashian if not your average simple teenage girl at heart?

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