Khloé Kardashian's Cheat Day Menu Consists Of Carbs, Carbs And Carbs

We all know how bomb Khloé Kardashian's body has been looking these days and I have to admit, I am a little jealous. She just makes it look so damn EASY.

But every fitness goddess deserves a day off from her healthy diet and exercise. That's why when Khloé, Kim, Saint and North went on a road trip, they ate some pretty good looking food. We are all allowed to PIG OUT every once in a while, right?

Khloé and Kim recently trekked down to San Diego to celebrate their grandmother Mary Jo Shannon's birthday and store opening.

With Saint and North West in tow, the group had some no-holds-barred snacking. The first stop of the Kardashian snacking adventure? McDonald's.

Khloé says about her epic feast,

Sometimes treat day gets a little crazy, okkur! This was definitely one of those days, LOL. Kim, the kids and I drove down to San Diego for MJ's store opening party together and I went HAM!!

Boy, did she ever.

For breakfast, Khlo Khlo was in the mood for an Egg McMuffin and FOUR hash browns. Then she guzzled down a few ginger ales because WHY NOT?

For lunch, the reality star ate some chicken tenders and washed it down with a Coke. YUM. For her mid-lunch snack (that's right, mid. lunch. snack.), she had some Cheez-Its, raisins and vanilla wafers.

I'm not so down with the raisins part, but I guess that was the healthier portion of food for the day. Props to you, Khloé, for still staying a little healthy during your "cheat day."

Then for dinner, Khloé ate some fried avocado and almond-crusted halibut. I guess after a long day of eating this way, you got to end it on a good note.

Then for dessert, she ate some chocolate cake and nibbled on a chocolate bar. Not bad.

WOW, all this food talk has really made me hungry. I'll be right back.

But anyway, thank you Khloé for making my normal diet your cheat day diet.