Khloé Kardashian's Abs In This Instagram Will Motivate You To Hit The Gym

We need to talk about Khloé Kardashian's abs.

Holyyyy shit. The girl looks hot AF.

In her latest Instagram, Khloé showed off her slim physique in a selfie in which she's wearing just a sports bra.

Her abs are honestly out of this world. I feel like if I punched them, my hand would break.


LIKE, LOOK AT THESE BABIES. Someone buy me a gym membership ASAP.


I'm legit just sitting here staring at Khloé's abs and eating an everything bagel. There is cream cheese all over my fingers. I am not OK.

In her caption, the reality star reveals her secret weapon to getting perfect abs:

So down with the tummy makeover results on the @flattummytea cleanse. Feeling so damn good right now, if you're needing one too, go check them out! (p.s. they have a sale on right now!)

Damn, just tea? I mean, I did try Kylie Jenner's favorite teatox and I lost 15 pounds. I wonder if Flat Tummy Tea works just as well.

The "Stronger Looks Better Naked" author has been living an active lifestyle for a couple of years now, but every day she teaches us something new about health and fitness.

On her app, she launched "Khlo-Fit" to track her diet, workout and weight loss plan.

Fans can watch videos and read blog posts about the steps they can take to live a healthier life.

Her tips are actually pretty helpful. One thing Khloé suggests is replacing cream cheese with hummus when you want to serve dip at a party.

Man, what a smart move. Thanks for the advice, Khlo-Money!

*Throws bagel out the window*

Clearly she's doing something right. LOOK AT THAT BODY, GOD DAMN.

Yup, seeing Khloé's hot bod is all the motivation I need to hit the gym. SoulCycle, I'll see you this weekend.