Kesha's "Praying" Lyrics Are So Emotional


Kesha is back, everyone, and she is bringing an incredible new song and music video with her.

In her new hit, "Praying," Kesha dives deep into her emotional past. In a piece she wrote for Lenny Letter, Kesha explained,

Take a look.

Praying (Official Video) by Kesha on VEVO.

I know. I'll give you a minute. It's seriously heavy and moving stuff.

The song also comes after a brutally long, personal, and legal battle with Kesha's ex-producer and ex-collaborator, Dr. Luke, after she accused him of sexual assault and battery.

In the very beginning of the music video, Kesha says,

WOW. And that's not even the song yet.


In the song itself, Kesha belts the lyrics:

That's powerful stuff. For more on Kesha's journey, catch the full interview at Lenny Letter.

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