Kesha Says Dr. Luke Made Her Write 'Dumb' Lyrics


Kesha is still forbidden from releasing new music until her legal battle with Sony is fully resolved. Luckily, she's performing live again and on her own terms.

Earlier in Kesha's career, when she used a dollar sign to spell her name and worked beside Dr. Luke to create the biggest hits in her catalogue, she was encouraged by the producer-turned-accused-rapist to dumb down her lyrics and her overall image.

In an interview with New York Times magazine, Kesha recalled penning her multiplatinum smash “TiK ToK” and sharing it with Luke.

The 29-year-old said,

The pressure to include lyrics that felt out of character for Kesha continued well into the creation of her second LP, Warrior.

She told the Times,

Kesha's fans inspired her to fight back and maintain some semblance of authenticity.

She said,

Perhaps the strength evidenced by Kesha's evolution is what inspired artists like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Adele to leap to her defense and pop veterans like Ben Folds to help her begin recording her truest contributions to the music world thus far.

Kesha insisted,

The singer admitted she personally funded the recording of 22 songs waiting to be mastered and shared with fans, including one called “Rainbow,” which the journalist profiling Kesha, Taffy Brodesser-Akner, dubbed “big and sweeping” with “a Beach Boys vibe” and vocals “so rich and so real that it jerks you out of your expectation of a pop song.”

Due to the ongoing legal battle, it remains unclear, though, when all of us will finally be able to experience the new Kesha.

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