Kendall Jenner And Bella Hadid Beach Vacation Pics

Ok, ok, ok... Here's my pitch: Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid go on a sexy beach vacation with their gal pals, but become stranded. Between them, they only have their bathing suits, a camera phone and just one jet ski. Drama ensues, but only after they each get a glam shot.

Working title for now is: "Jet Ski," but the team is also bouncing around "Five Models Go Swimming," "How Many Models Does It Take To Start A Jet Ski," and "Underboob."

Cut. Print. That's a wrap!!!

The plot line will very closely follow the original story, as outlined on all of the models' Instagram feeds.

Our opening scene is with Kendall and Bella, being all, "Oh NO, we're stuck on this jet ski!"

And then Bella is tragically lost, and Kendall is like, "UGH, this SUCKS." VERY suspenseful.

Then we cut to Hailey Baldwin who starts praying on the jet ski.

And she, like, asks for forgiveness or something to get her out of here, and the sun God says, "You have to cleanse yourself first!" and she's like, "Say no more, fam."

Then there's this plot B storyline, where photographer Renell Medrano gives herself a pep talk in the mirror and we discover it's HER behind the camera this whole time.

And then Justine Skye jumps in and says, "STEP ASIDE, BITCHES. I GOT THIS."

And then for now let's just say she sings a song from "The Little Mermaid" and that saves them somehow? Still working out the details here.

Miraculously, Bella reappears, clearly wounded in a fight with her bikini thong, but at least she had this pole to hang on to that helped save her.

And together, using the power of bikinis and youth, the girls defeat the mighty jet ski, documenting their victory with this photo.

Credits role on Kendall drinking a spritzer and the song "Bad Girls" by M.I.A. fades us to black.

The movie goes on to win zero Oscars but one People's Choice Award for special effects.

Each girl earns 50 billion dollars.

The end.