Katy Perry Looks Unrecognizable With New Haircut After Split From Orlando Bloom

REX/ Shutterstock

Getting a drastic new haircut usually means one of two things: You're simply bored with your current 'do or you just broke up with your boyfriend.

I can relate to the latter because just about every time I end things with a fling, I cut my bangs. I immediately regret the decision, but it always feels right in the moment.


Bangs = Amanda's heart is broken.

Katy Perry might be going through the whole "post-breakup-haircut" ordeal, too, because she just went to the salon and got a decent amount of her hair chopped off -- and she looks completely different.

By "decent amount," I mean to say she looks like Miley Cyrus did during her "We Can't Stop" phase. We're digging it, though! She looks adorable!

Katy posted two videos on her Instagram page of her trip to the salon, showing off her transformation into a platinum blonde pixie.

Her decision to cut her hair came less than a week after her split with Orlando Bloom, and we can't help but think he's the reason for the new cut.

DAMN. Orly's going to be jealous... Katy Perry's new haircut is sexy AF.

In the Instagram clip, Katy Perry's hairdresser said he's been wanting to give her that haircut from the moment he met her, and Katy argued she "wasn't ready" until now.

*cough, cough, breakup, cough*

Yup. We're definitely a fan. Katy can pull off any hairstyle though, and we're just adding her pixie cut to the list of our favorites.

Although we're under the impression Katy cut her hair as a big ol'  "EFF YOU" to her ex, we might be mistaken.

The singer tweeted last night about still being friends with your former partners, which leads us to think their 10-month relationship didn't end on a very rocky note.


Still, Katy's new hairdo is sure to help her pick up some fresh dudes out on the single market.

Own it, girl.