Katy Perry Isn't Releasing Another Album Soon, But Her Reason Is Legit

by Anna Menta

If the new music video for "Chained to the Rhythm" got you excited for Katy Perry's new album, I have some bad news for you.

Because according to the 32-year-old singer, it might be a good while before that album actually makes its way out into the world.

But here's the good news: You'll still be getting new Katy Perry music. It's just going to come in what the singer describes as "bite size" pieces.

And don't worry: Katy's definitely still planning to release an album eventually. In fact, according to her recent interview with Capital FM radio, she's got 40 songs written for it already.

Not that her next album will be 40 tracks long or anything. She explained,

You have to write three good songs to get one great song. And we're only going to use great songs for this next record.

However, when asked if she had a title in mind for this next record, Katy said she wasn't in a rush to take those steps yet.

She said,

I want to put out some songs first before I give them the full meal. I think we are digesting things in bite size these days, I think that's what we can handle... [When] someone has a 17 or 19 track album, you're like, 'Oh my God, I have to take a trip to Mars to listen to your record in full!'

So expect to a lot more Katy Perry singles like "Chained to the Rhythm" this year!

This is very fine with me. Katy's right — I don't have time to listen to a full album.

But may I make one suggestion for your upcoming songs, Katy? Maybe chill on the whole "making your dancers wear crazy costumes" thing.

We don't need any more casualties like the one Wednesday night, when a backup dancer fell off the stage during Katy's performance, probably because the dancer was wearing a goddamn house costume.

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