The Kardashians Responded To The Craziest Rumor About Kendall Jenner & Scott Disick

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They're arguably the most famous family in the whole world, which comes with a few, uh, things. Stuff like free clothing and products, unlimited travel, access to the fanciest restaurants in the world, and a relentless, seething, wave of garbage rumors about their family at any given minute. You know, celebrity stuff. The Kardashians have left the door wide open for the world to come in and meddle, and now, they are finally getting a chance to respond to some of the outrageous rumors circulated about them. Questions like, "Did Kendall Jenner hook up with Scott Disick?" and "Did Lamar ever have sex with Kris Jenner?" are finally put to bed... er... rest.

Old family friend and longtime Keeping Up With The Kardashians Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest recently sat down with the family to address some of the hilarious, albeit biting, lies that have hit the tabloids. The interview is part of the deleted scenes from the KUWTK 10th Anniversary Special coming up this Sunday, Sept. 24.

In the video clip, Seacrest explains,

A lot of people read the tabloids, some rely on the tabloids to get pretty inaccurate information and answers. Some of those headlines, pretty darn ridiculous. But there has to be truth in some of them, right? So we've compiled a list of some of the most bizarre headlines for you guys to look at.

All five famous sisters are there, along with family matriarch Kris Jenner and of course, Scott Disick. (Because what rumor party is complete without Scott?) Despite the endless and public turmoil Disick and ex Kourtney have been through over the years, Seacrest doesn't hold back. The first rumor under the microscope? An image of the tabloid OK Magazine with the headline: "Kendall: How Scott Seduced Me!"

Right away, Kendall laughs, "I didn't even know that existed." Kris Jenner jumps in saying, "That's hitting the bottom of the barrel."

Of course, Scott takes offense, but Kris Jenner explains, "You're not the bottom of the barrel, the story is the bottom of the barrel."

The family further jokes about how young Kendall was at the time the tabloid ran, when Scott (kinda creepily) comments, "Damn, I had you when you were young," to which Kendall quickly explains, "Definitely false."

Seacrest asks the family if rumors like this are mostly white noise to the women at this point, to which Kim speaks on behalf of everyone. She says,

I think now it is. Definitely at the beginning we would like freak out for every single thing that wasn't true.

Fair enough.

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Youngest sister Kylie has been vocal about the anxiety the spotlight has given her, and has even commented in a previous KUWTK episode that she feels she was never meant to famous like her big sister, Kim. Still, at some point, you can't let the haters in.

The next rumor Seacrest serves up is an image of Star magazine with the headline, "Kris: Caught In Bed With Lamar!" including a quote from Lamar's ex-wife, Khloé, saying, "She stole my husband and ruined my life."

Kris cheekily says, "Khloé, I'm sorry." Khloé replies, "It's OK, Mom. I was sleeping with Scott, so it's fine."

Hey, at least they have a sense of humor about it.

Though this was a deleted scene, fans can expect lots more candid moments with the famous family in the series special this Sunday, and be sure to tune in for the Season 14 premiere at 9 p.m. ET, Sunday, Oct. 1, on E!

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