Kanye West's Workout Plan After Hospitalization Is Intense

Kanye West is starting his New Year's resolutions early.

While you're baking cookies and watching holiday movies, the "Famous" rapper is hardcore hitting the gym.

According to TMZ, exercise for Kanye West has been crucial for his recovery following his mental breakdown.

About a month ago, the star was admitted to UCLA Medical Center due to "extreme exhaustion."

The situation was called a “psychiatric emergency,” according to the audio file of the Los Angeles Fire Department dispatch call.


The 39-year-old was released from the hospital at the end of November, so it looks like he's using December to work on his fitness and get back into tip top shape.

The source explains Kanye West works out about five to six times a week. He works with celeb trainer Don Brooks (who also works with his wife, Kim Kardashian) and does resistance training, jump rope and basketball.

The singer spends up to two hours a day working up a sweat, and according to TMZ, the star has been "very present" at home with his family after committing to a strict exercise regime.

If you're looking to de-stress and take out some frustration in the gym, perhaps Kanye West's workout is the perfect thing for you.

Six days a week is a lot, though, so I'd probably tone it back to four or five. I mean, don't you want to sleep in on the weekends?!

There are a bunch of other celebrity exercise routines you can try if you're looking to get fit in the New Year.

If you want a perky butt like Ariel Winter's, then follow her lead and do lunges and squats.

Or if you're looking to get abs like Kourtney Kardashian's, check out the kettlebell deadlift workouts on her app.


2017 is the year to get that hot body you've always wanted. You can do it, champ. I believe in you.

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