Kanye West Just Publicly Apologized To Beck And Bruno Mars


While the rest of the world focused on the Great Llama Escape of 2015, Kanye West spent February 26, 2015 apologizing.

Kanye, arguably the most polarizing figure in modern pop culture, took to Twitter earlier this evening to address some of his previous hating ways. Of course, he addressed the Grammys incident when he almost “Kanye-d” Beck and his Album of the Year win over Beyoncé.

About the award, Kanye initially said, 

He later backtracked to say The Recording Academy should respect the artistry, not Beck.

Kanye also used the rare tweeting opportunity to apologize to another artist he previously criticized, Bruno Mars.

Going even further, Kanye said he wants Bruno to be on his next 88 Keys and Puff Daddy-produced track.

If Kanye collaborated on an album with artists he previously had problems with (Beck, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, Bruno Mars, some police chief in Ohio, Louis Vuitton, etc.), it would be something special.