Sorry, Karlie Kloss: Kanye And Taylor Swift Are Basically BFFs Now


Once upon a time, back in 2009, it seemed like Taylor Swift and Kanye West were mortal enemies.

In what has now become a notorious incident, Kanye interrupted Taylor's acceptance speech at the VMAs.

Since then, it seems like the two buried the hatchet and actually became close friends.

Word on the street is the two will team up to make some new music in the near future.

And at last night's BRIT Awards, TSwift and Yeezy were all buddy-buddy. Taylor snapped some photos with both Kanye and his wife.

Britt Awards!!! @TaylorSwift @samsmithworld pic.twitter.com/drEU52JoDX — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 26, 2015
K's and Tay pic.twitter.com/TX3YARaT8c — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 26, 2015

Tay Tay was also seen getting her groove on to Kanye's new track, "All Day." Basically, these two are besties now. That is all.

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