There May Actually Be A Justin Bieber Sex Tape, And It's Breaking The Internet

Move it on over, Kim Kardashian West, because this steamy Justin Bieber news has the internet in a straight-up frenzy.

Twitter's flipping out because, according to Metro, Justin Bieber has a sex tape… AND IT'S REPORTEDLY BEEN LEAKED.

OMG, I can't even right now. Is this a Sunday Funday scoop or what?!

The hashtag #JustinsSexTapeLeakedParty apparently started getting hot and heavy when pictures from J Biebs and Sofia Richie's sexy beach getaway were released.

Here they are to refresh your memory…

The couple is certainly heating things up on their vacation, but I have yet to see an actual sex tape on the internet.

Some fans want to get their hands on that video STAT.

Like, this person's super eager over here #AskingForAFriend.

It seems everyone wants in on the lowdown about this sexy situation, even non-Beliebers.

Although, this Twitter user was really not about the sex news one bit. #OverIt.

Some people are throwing major shade at Sofia Richie and the Biebs.

This person literally CAN'T EVEN decide what to be angrier about.

I think we can all agree upon one thing: J Biebs, you broke the internet.

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