Justin Bieber Defends Kylie Jenner And Her Controversial Cornrows Pic

Kylie Jenner took some heat for posting a photo of herself with cornrows on Instagram.

She especially provoked the ire of "The Hunger Games" actress Amandla Stenberg, who had a problem with Kylie's appropriation of a traditionally black hairstyle.

Yet, some people thought the backlash against Kylie was a little much. One of those people was Justin Bieber.

According to Cosmopolitan, Bieber reportedly came to Kylie's aid on Instagram by leaving a comment on the photo.

Here's a screenshot of what he wrote.

Justin's comment on Kylie's #Instagram post. #JennerUpdates pic.twitter.com/5kKeu83Exw — UpdateJenner (@UpdateJenner) July 13, 2015

Bieber actually makes some solid points here; it doesn't serve anyone to squabble over an Instagram photo.

Let's look at the bigger picture and try to do some actual good in this world.

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