Justin Bieber's Adorable Puppy Is More Popular On Instagram Than He Ever Was


Justin Bieber, if you wanna stay off Instagram, that's fine. Just promise us you'll keep us UP TO DATE on Todd.

Honestly, it's been a few weeks since Justin decided to take a much needed 'gram-hiatus, and his fans are still very much recovering.

I know technically it was their fault he deleted his account to begin with, as they were bullying some poor soul he was romantically linked to, but it doesn't mean they aren't suffering a ton without his updates.

Luckily, though, there is now a happy medium on Instagram of Justin being able to share some info about his life and not having an angry mob of teenage girls calling Sofia Richie a slut or getting into a flame war with Selena Gomez.

That happy lil' medium's name is Todd, and he's one cute effing snuggle monster.

Justin Bieber's dog Todd, which I think we can all agree is the best name for a puppy possible, is now an official part of Instagram, and the world has never been brighter.

Two days ago, Todd made an official debut on the photo sharing app through Sofia Richie's account.

Todd's favorite hobby thus far has been making cameo appearances on major Instagram accounts.

He also got around to popping up on Esther The Cutie's Instagram.

The internet has been freaking out about this puppy for a few weeks now. Thank God there is finally a landing page for all things Todd.

Justin Bieber's puppy is so cute! I want him!pic.twitter.com/BycoqCbMGh — キッス ランド (@oliviabbyxo) August 16, 2016

TBH, Todd's Instagram > Justin's Instagram.

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