John Legend Has Epic Response To Racist 'Monkey' Comment


You can add "taking the high road" to John Legend's extensive list of skills.

The 38-year-old singer had been strolling through John F. Kennedy International Airport with wife Chrissy Teigen last week when a camera-wielding paparazzo asked Teigen a racist question about Legend.

As expected, Chrissy took to Twitter to share the baffling words with the rest of the world, and we couldn't believe our eyes either.

Here is Chrissy Teigen's tweet about a racist photographer asking an insulting question about husband John Legend.

Yeah, he really did ask that...

Teigen then confirmed John had been standing right next to her when the question was asked.

This is where we're at with race relations in America right now? How sad.

We've reached a point where celebrities can't even go about their days without being harassed with blatant racism. Not to mention, the culprit behind this particular attack is literally paid to follow them around.

Not to worry, decent human beings. John Legend had a perfect response to the racist paparazzo's question.

During a recent interview with Variety Studio at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, Legend recalled the incident. He said,

Now, I'm not too sure about you, but I would have flipped the fuck out. While violence is never an option in my book, I likely would have broken a few of my own rules if I were in John's shoes.

However, he had a much calmer reaction to the alleged comment directed at him. He wants to use this opportunity to spread knowledge after a first hand experience with hate.

Legend continued,

The "Love Me Now" singer then went on to talk about how he wasn't fazed by the photographer's repulsive words.

Instead, he feels they've made him "smarter" and "stronger." He added,

Here's the clip.

Seriously, what year are we living in and who's responsible for putting us in a time machine sending us back to the 17th century?

They deserve one of those "you're fired" catchphrases.

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