47-Year-Old JLo Rocks Low-Cut Dress With Huge Leg Slit Better Than You Ever Will


Ah, there's nothing like a blow to the ol' ego when a 47-year-old woman looks infinitely better than you ever will.

TBH, I will never begrudge Jennifer Lopez showing off her legs. If I had legs like JLo I would never wear pants.

Lopez was promoting her new competition show "World of Dance" in Los Angeles on Monday when she showed off her iconic gams in a dress from Elie Saab's Fall 206 Haute Couture collection.

"World of Dance?" More like World of DAY-UMMMMMMMM!

She can sing, she can dance, she can act, and she can literally pierce my heart with her high heels, and I would probably thank her for it.

So, while Drake is busy singing about drunk texting the mother-of-two, the star is busy ghosting the rapper and accessorizing with Ippolita jewelry and Christian Louboutin heels.

If you're loving her lip look, it's Victoria Duke's Dramatically Sexy Lips lipgloss, "Brick House" shade. As in, she's built like a brick shit house.

This sounds like an insult, but actually means she's beautiful and curvaceous. I don't know where this idiom originated, and let's move on.

Lopez's "World of Dance" co-host Jenna Dewan Tatum rocked a sexy red crop top and mini skirt.

Black and red were my high school colors, which is also the last time I could describe my body as "fit" and "hot," and I feel personally attacked right now.

Derek Hough and Ne-Yo, judges on the show, also made an appearance.

"World of Dance" on NBC will feature 47 elite dance acts, divided into Junior Division, Upper Division and Team Division, as they compete for "Best in the World."

Many of the groups who are set to appear on the show are already well-known.

The Lab performed with Justin Bieber. Keone & Mari choreographed one of his music videos.

JabbaWockeeZ continue to find success with their Las Vegas show. Les Twins, Parisian-born twin brothers, have even performed with Jay Z, Beyoncé and Missy Elliott.

You can catch Lopez's new show on May 8 at 10 pm EST on NBC.

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