Jennifer Lopez Is Being Sued For $55K For The Weirdest Reason


Jennifer Lopez's love may not cost a thing, but her botched sponsorship deal could cost her over $50,000.

The singer is facing a major lawsuit right now, and it's for a super strange reason.

Basically, JLo signed a deal with one of those hoverboard companies back at the end of 2015 — remember those freaky hoverboard things that were all over the place a couple years ago, but then they like all started spontaneously exploding or something?

So anyway, JLo was supposed to be sponsoring Sidekick Group throughout her Las Vegas residency last year in exchange for 42 hoverboards that were given to her backup dancers for her show, according to Variety.

The hoverboard company wanted Lopez to post an ad about its product to her social media once every three months, but apparently she only tweeted one sponsored post in May, and that's it.

I guess she just forgot she was supposed to post about these hoverboards like three or four more times? And now it might cost her about $55,000!

The company is suing Lopez for breach of contract, and seeking $54,390 in damages, since that would have been the price of the 42 hoverboards given to her free of charge.

To think that this all could have been avoided if JLo just typed out a couple more tweets. C'mon, Jennifer — you've got to schedule those tweets so you don't forget!

Unlike most superstars today, Jennifer Lopez surprisingly keeps her social media accounts pretty ad-free.

I just did a quick scroll through her Instagram, and it looks like the only things she advertises for are her own products and TV show "Shades of Blue." Whereas, you're hit with a bunch of Fit Tea or JetLux ads scrolling through someone like Kim Kardashian's Instagram.


Next time JLo gets an ad deal, maybe she should look to Kim K for some tips on how to post all her sponsored content.

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