JLo Just Supported A Non-Binary Family Member In The Sweetest Way On Instagram

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Jennifer Lopez is always slaying the stage, giving us serious boo envy, or *insert anything that makes you say, "WTF, amazing" here.*

This time, Lopez warmed our hearts with a simple family shoutout. She just showed a non-binary child in her family so much love on her Instagram by using the "they" pronoun in a post celebrating their academic accomplishments.

In the Instagram post, she wrote,

This is Brendan my sister Leslie's second child!! They were the one person selected to represent their school at #globalyoungleadersconference in Washington DC!!! And I couldn't be more proud!!! Brendan is strong and smart and loving and a obviously a leader!! Titi Jenn loves you!! #superproudauntie #familia❤

First of all, how dope is this achievement for Brendan? Also, like, our Jenny From The Block is just their "Titi Jenn." Are you feeling jealous, because I'm feeling jealous right now.

The other cool part about Jennifer Lopez's post is that she referred to Brendan as "they," which is a signifier of Brendan being a non-binary individual.

A non-binary person, according to GLAAD is:

[Someone] who experiences their gender identity and/or gender expression as falling outside the categories of man and woman. They may define their gender as falling somewhere in between man and woman, or they may define it as wholly different from these terms. The term is not a synonym for transgender or transsexual and should only be used if someone self-identifies as non-binary and/or genderqueer.

So far, we've seen a few historical victories for non-binary people. There was the genderless healthcare card issued to a baby in Canada, the non-binary characters on Billions and now Degrassi: Next Class, and even genderless driver's licenses given out in Oregon and Washington D.C.

The superstar didn't make a show of her supporting Brendan. Instead, Jennifer Lopez used the "they" pronoun like it was no big deal (because it is no big deal!), and then moved on to bragging about how amazing Brendan is.

Considering the amount of attention J.Lo gets on her Instagram at any given day (She does have 67 million followers!), anyone who didn't understand her use of "they" could look it up or, let's be honest, browse the comments beneath the post.

Seeing more and more natural use of the pronoun "they" is what will push inclusion and acceptance forward. Seeing more diverse televised representations of non-binary individuals and embracing them in real life is what it's going to take for more people to understand.

But seriously though, can you imagine having J.Lo as your aunt? I want to be Brendan. Along with Blue, Rumi and Sir Carter, they are now the eternal source of my envy.