Jennifer Lawrence Gets Back At Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's tumultuous off-screen relationship is threatening to forever mar the reputation of “Passengers,” the very film the stars hope to promote.

LOL, JK, they're just playin' around.


Chris began building buzz for the romantic science-fiction thriller by posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos to Instagram.


It became clear very quickly, however, he had no intention of giving his co-star a fair shot at the spotlight in his selfies.


Jen was savagely cropped out of pic after pic.


And given a brief, blurry cameo in one lousy vid.

Like, what the hell is this?


She isn't even remotely in this one.


Come the fuck on.


Jen got her revenge on Monday night during a visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The Oscar winner initially told the host,

It's always a bad sign when Chris seems sincere about something... Like, 'Would you care if I took some photos for my social media? I think it would be good for boosting the movie.' And I'm like, 'Of course, man.'

Deciding she'd had enough of Chris' inane trash posts, Jen grabbed a can of spray paint and announced,

Fuck it! I'm going to do something about it!

The 26-year-old marched out of the studio and, as a large tour bus plastered with a "Passengers" ad pulled up, got to work destroying Chris' beautiful face.

DEAL WITH IT, PRATT! Jen hopes you enjoy seeing your big, dumb face rolling around town next to the name "ASS" and "CHRIS RAT" because this is your reality, now.

It's a shame these two couldn't find a way to work together peacefully, especially considering how supportive and professional Chris was regarding Jen's first-ever sex scene.

When pressed during a red carpet interview this summer to dish details on shooting a sex scene for "Passengers," Chris told viewers (and Kurt Russell, for some reason),

You know, we're actors. It's a part of the job and… your job as a leading man is to make the actress feel comfortable and you do that by minimizing the amount of people that are there and just, you know, having a sense of whether or not they're feeling OK.

Maybe... just maybe... Chris Pratt isn't ASS.

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