Chris Pratt Shamelessly Crops J-Law Out Of His Instas Because Who Needs Her?


Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence go together like that Ted Baker jacket and scarf I've got on my Christmas list. (Hi Mom.)

They're basically the same person. They're not like the ultimate power couple, though. They're more like the world's best comedy duo with a sibling bond to rival yours.

As for me, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a huge man-crush on Chris Pratt, and just a regular girl-crush on Jennifer Lawrence.

So when he makes a funny on Instagram, I pay attention like the devoted fan I am.

*Looks longingly outside window and fantasizes about life with J-Law and Monkeyboy*.

("Monkeyboy" was his nickname growing up, FYI. You'd know that if you loved him as much as I do.)

The pair have been going peak-goofball on the 'Gram over the past few days while on a press tour for their new movie "Passengers."

And every step of the way, Chris has been cropping J-Law out of all of his pics.

It all started last week when he "finally got that selfie with Jen y'all wanted."


Then again, a day later, when he posed with some fans, and of course, cropped-out J-Law.


He got this beautiful headshot with his "bestie" the same day.


Here's the pair doing what they do best in the Big Smoke.


He couldn't resist continuing the gag with British chef, Jamie Oliver.


"My publicist, Allison, just took this hilarious candid photo. Totally startled me and #JenniferLawrence. It's little moments like this I'm so glad to be able to share with our fans."


After days of pulling our legs, Chris finally gave us the money shot of J-Law. Kind of.

YES! It is the face swap to end all face swaps.

Chris wrote,

As promised, my best buddy Jennifer Lawrence. Sorry for messing with you guys before.

I'm dying.

Hopefully, there's more to see of Jennifer Lawrence in "Passengers" other than just half of her head.