Jennifer Aniston Apparently Knew Brangelina Would Split: 'That's Karma'


Day two of the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split, and Jennifer Aniston has some choice words for the Brangelina divorce.

Pitt's former flame was allegedly waiting for this to happen, like some sort of anti-Cupid.

A source close to Aniston told US Weekly the actress said,

Sass of the highest order.

The source went on to say,


Having said that, the insider stressed Aniston never wished ill on the couple's relationship (sure, we believe you), adding,

A few hours after the news Angelina was filing for divorce broke, Brad Pitt released a statement to PEOPLE, saying "what matters most now" are his children.

He said,


Following the initial divorce report from TMZ, Angelina's attorney released a statement. The statement read,

Angelina later released an additional statement to E! News via her longtime manager, Geyer Kosinski.

The statement read,

We pray the dust never settles on this mammoth breakup.