Here's What Vanessa Grimaldi Is Doing In The Midst Of Her Split With Nick Viall

by Alexa Mellardo
Vanessa Grimaldi/Instagram

Bachelor Nation is most likely trying to fight back all the tears this morning after learning Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi have ended their engagement. The most recent Bachelor couple released an exclusive joint statement to E! News, saying, “It's with a great amount of heartbreak for the both us as we have decided to end our engagement. We gave this relationship our all and we are saddened that we did not get the fairytale ending we hoped for…” While some fans who were hardcore routing for the couple are at a complete loss for words, other people on Twitter are not at all surprised about the breakup. But all of us Bachelor fanatics out there have some common ground, and are probably wondering, what is Vanessa doing now?

The couple's breakup comes just over five months after all of us swooned over Viall's romantic proposal to Grimaldi in a gorgeous room (obviously) filled with a ton of candles. The couple had a prime backdrop of Finland to celebrate the exciting news. A blanket of snow covered the ground as Viall picked up his fiancée with the last exquisite rose, making for a downright stunning picture if you ask me. And let's be honest here, that engagement ring was damn gorgeous. This legit feels like just yesterday. But alas, our hearts are completely shattered on the floor after hearing the news about the couple calling it quits. Do fairytales even freaking exist?!

So what is Vanessa doing now? Although we don't know what she's doing ATM, here's what we do know so far.

Grimaldi posted a fun candid (which is quite possibly borderline "plandid") yesterday.

It looks like she was out at a cool restaurant with friends eating some (delish) spaghetti. She captioned the photo, "And I still managed to get dirty." Story of my life. Preach, girl.

This summer, she's been spending time in Montreal, LA, Malibu, and of course, representing DIFF eyewear.

Because, how do you slay summer without those DIFF shades, though?!

Four days ago, the Bachelor star posted an adorable picture in Montreal for her nephew's birthday.

Grimaldi got glammed up in oh-so-pretty in pink makeup last week, and took a selfie to prove it.

Although the news of the split is truly disheartening to all of us Nick and Vanessa fans out there, I truly wish them the best.