These Lyrics In Harry Styles’ New Single Describe Just How Difficult Love Can Be

by Jamie LeeLo

Everybody shut your front doors — we have breaking news.

THE Harry Styles of THE One Direction came out with THE single of the year, and it is THE best.

If you've been waiting to hear what an angel who maybe doesn't shower but we all like it (????) sounds like singing on his own, wait no more.

Harry's first solo single, "Sign of the Times," takes listeners on a journey into the big beautiful heart and mind of that gorgeous, God-baby man.

And boy, do the lyrics punch me right in the heart-gina. (That's a cross between my heart and my vagina, in case that's unclear.)

I mean, PLEASE just look at this trailer for the music video:

None of us are ready for the visuals that go along with this song, honestly, BUT LET'S GET INTO THE WORDS AT LEAST.

Play the song right here while I take you on this difficult journey:

Oh boy, where do we begin?

The resounding message I take away from this song is that something important — LIKE A DEEP LOVE MAYBE — could be coming to a close.

Let's break it down.

"Welcome to the final show" and "They told me the end is near"

With these lyrics, Styles seems to allude to an impending loss. They strongly suggest a powerful, formative chapter is finally ending — effectively moving the song's subjects into a new phase, potentially apart from one another.

Some themes that the topics of love, loss and even death share continue to pop up, like a deep longing for things to work out differently, a pressure to see things for what they are and to accept what can't be changed.


Those feelings are also super common in instances of unrequited love or for a couple to think, "We would be perfect for each other, if only XYZ was different..."

Sometimes, because people are idiots, we embark on relationship journeys we know may never work out in the long run. However, the temporary pleasure tends to outweigh the lingering breakup, for whatever reason.

"We never learn, we been here before"

With these lyrics, Harry nods to the common, yet sometimes unhealthy cycles or patterns we tend to fall into when we're in love.

Of course, in love, it is incredibly common for star-crossed lovers to keep coming back to one another, despite the emotional damage it always does or the inevitable unhappy ending waiting for them.

For example, people who are constantly stuck in on-again, off-again relationships, those who circle back to awful people out of loneliness or couples who stay in a mediocre partnership out of pride can ALL relate to this lyric.

"Why are we always stuck and running from the bullets?" 

Additionally, when Harry sings about "running from the bullets," one can imagine a couple doing their best to dodge anything that could bring harm or pain to their once happy relationship and, eventually, running out of the energy to continue to fight for one another.

However, despite the difficulties he describes, the song resolves itself with the words...

"Remember, everything will be alright"

This reassurance gives listeners a sense of hope, acceptance and understanding that WHATEVER HARRY'S BEAUTIFUL PERSONAL BATTLE IS and, of course, whatever our own battle is — relationships, love, loss or heartache — will settle eventually.

Harry, you wise, wise cherub.

In the end, a co-worker of mine summed up the song perfectly, saying,

The song screams, 'We've been running from something for so long. But we can't avoid it. So now, we have to face it. And we will. And it'll be OK.'

Ugh, so true. Too true. The truest.

Harry, I will never run from you, and I will take any bullet for you. And also, do you need a shower? It's OK to say yes — I'm not mad!

Call me.