Hailey Baldwin Dyes Her Hair A Stunning Pink For Fall

There's something super exciting about the fall.

WELL, to be precise, from Pumpkin Spice Lattes to the stunning foliage, there are many awesome things about this time of year.

But most especially out of everything, the fact that it's a time for change trumps all.

Autumn evokes a sense of new beginnings for each and every one of us. And when it comes to switching up our hair color, it seems like a v. appropriate season to embrace that at full throttle, right?

For real, though, everyone wants in on the latest and greatest colors for fall 2016. We reported 148,000 women are dyeing their hair a unique color called “white honey,” and it's basically as trendy AF as you can get right now.

It seems to go against the common theme of changing your hair to a dark color in the fall, but it's awesome.

When it comes down to it, if you feel like you really need a change in your life, your hair is definitely an awesome place to start.

It's clear nothing beats a sexy new 'do. I even switched up my hair to balayage for the fall because YOLO.

Hailey Baldwin also jumped in on the hair-dyeing trend, and she looks ~almost~ unrecognizable.

Our main girl Hailey usually keeps her hair pretty casual at dirty blonde, but now her hair is an unexpected new color: a vibrant shade of pink.

Have a look for yourself. She's channeling major Kylie Jenner vibes.


I've got to hand it to Hailey for rocking this pink hair like a total boss. She really pulls it off and looks fab while she's doing it.


If I casually dyed my hair bright pink, I'd probably end up looking low-key like a watermelon. SO I think I'll just be sticking to my balayage for now.

Hailey, you keep doing you, girl.

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