Hailey Baldwin Pulls A Kim K With Her 'Hailey By Hailey' Series On Instagram


You know when you're a kid and you have an overbearing personality and too much energy to be likable, so you figure you'll just pick another kid in your class and copy precisely whatever she does until you've figured out human interaction?

Yes? No? Just me? Whatever. Hailey Baldwin gets it.

Borrowing from Kim Kardashian West — famed internet-breaker and Twitter's prodigal daughter — to stay big on social media just makes sense.

Kim's Instagram series, documenting small moments in her unimaginably glamorous life, garnered millions of likes from followers.

Though Hailey didn't jet off to Dubai — like Kim — for her own Instagram series, she's giving fans a glimpse into her life with the "Hailey by Hailey" series.

Hailey knows there's no sense Robert Frost-ing your way down less-traveled roads to online relevancy when you can copy Kim's campaigns to the letter.

“Work smarter, not harder.”

In Kim's series, she climbed aboard a dune buggy in the Al Awir Desert.

In Hailey's series, the model licks a Pepto Bismol display, because we all have different hobbies.

Kim introduced her followers to her chic travel buddies.

Hailey introduced hers to a puppet, who may or may not travel. That remains unspecified.

Kim inspired the fashion-conscious in her flock to get themselves a baseball cap.

Hailey went hoops — a classic choice.

Admit it, you feel like you know both of these women better. They've given you the chance to see the world through their eyes and you can never un-see it. Right? Right.

If life feels forever changed, it's only because, yeah, you'll never be the friggin' same.

You've seen "Hailey by Hailey" and, just with "The Ring," you're going to die in seven days.


You've got at least a week and a half. "Hailey by Hailey" burns slow.

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