Hailey Baldwin's Eyeliner Hack Will Finally Get You The Perfect Cat Eye

by Anna Menta

Look, I'll be the first 24-year-old woman to admit I have absolutely no idea what to do when it comes to eyeliner.

That's why I need famous 20-year-olds like Hailey Baldwin to reveal their makeup secrets, so I don't end up embarrassing myself.

And God bless Hailey Baldwin because that is exactly what she did in her recent interview with Glamour magazine.

The young model recently collaborated with an Australian cosmetic company called ModelCo to create a new Hailey Baldwin line of makeup products.

And the best part of this new cosmetic line? It includes a little tool specifically for applying cat-eye eyeliner, for those of you who are incompetent with an eye pencil like me.

Hailey told Glamour,

It's so hard to do a cat eye because there's always one side that's uneven and they're never the same thickness. Usually, I'll take a pencil liner and do that first to get an outline, then go back in with a gel pod with a brush. We created this little guy that sticks onto your face so that you can outline your wings. It actually works so well.

You can see a video demonstration of this eyeliner applicator tool on the company's Instagram.

You can get that tool, along with eyeliner and mascara, for $49 on the ModelCo online store.


That... or you could just use a guitar pick, which are like 10 for $3 on Amazon. Just saying.

Either way, your days of uneven, crooked cat-eyes will be over!

Hailey also took time to explain to Glamour her recent hair colors, which she has been flipping through quite quickly over the past month.

She said,

Honestly, I just wanted to give my hair a break for a few months. Even though my hair is light, and I was blond as a kid, I do highlight it and use bleach just to give it that extra lightness. And I wanted to go back down to my natural color for a little to see it fade out on its own and see where it goes without me touching it for a bit. I'll probably do another color in a few months.

Meanwhile, I agonize over switching shampoos.

Ah, well. Thanks for the tips, Hailey!

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