Yolanda Shares Advice She Gave Bella And Gigi Hadid

Most mothers are proud of their 20-somthing daughters for not getting failing grades during their first semesters in college.

Yolanda Hadid, however, is able to proudly say her two daughters, Bella and Gigi Hadid, have achieved one of the biggest accomplishments in the modeling world: walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

This year's show took place on November 30 at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. This was the second time Gigi Hadid, 21, walked and the first time Bella Hadid, 20, made her way down the runway.

Before the show started, Elite Daily had the chance to catch Yolanda Hadid on the Pink Carpet.

The beaming mother shared the advice she gave her daughters before their big night, saying,

I just want them to enjoy this moment!... I said, 'You already got the job you're in great shape!'

"Great shape" is an understatement.

The Hadid sisters looked stunning and statuesquely toned.

When asked about the girls' post-show plans, Yolanda said with a laugh,

They've been eating chicken and salad for months... Let's eat french fries and cheeseburgers after!

The 52-year-old former model sat front row for the show, beaming and cheering her girls on. She also acted as the step-in mother for Kendall Jenner, whose family was not in attendance.

The girls, along with models Kendall Jenner, Lily Donaldson and Joan Smalls, undoubtedly enjoyed their time on the catwalk and took their mother's advice to indulge post-show.

Following the fashion show, the sisters posed adorably with their mother on the After Party carpet.

Yolanda also shared this photo on Instagram, which consequently got its fair deal of backlash for being "inappropriate." 

And in other, less "controversial" Instagram news, Bella Hadid shared a heartwarming message to her sister after walking in her very first show and watching her big sister put on her first pair of wings.

Bella captioned the photo,

I cried when I saw my sister put her wings on for the first time And I cried again when @hoskelsa opened the show And I cried again when @_dilone walked And again when @ed_razek spoke And then cried 5 more times after that just because emotions

It's safe to assume there were a lot of happy tears happening with the Hadid girls on this special night.

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