Drake Posts Emotional Instagram About 'Darkest Times' After Rihanna Breakup


Hey, you. How are you doing since Drake and Rihanna broke up (again)?

Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating right? Are you drinking water to make sure your tears don't dehydrate you?

Here's the good news. No matter how bad you're doing with this very personal breakup, your boy Aubrey Graham is probably doing worse.

On Tuesday night, Drake low-key vented about the breakup on social media — which he should really know by now is something you NEVER do.

In his defense, it was a pretty subtle Instagram post and caption. (But it was still definitely about Rihanna.)

Drake wrote,

Too mix up in drama to free my mind but I'm praying for you even in your darkest times.

He topped it all off with the skull of death emoji.

Drake... buddy... you OK?

SO WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, HUH, DRAKE?! Are you saying Rihanna's going through dark times? Or are you going through dark times? Are both of you?

Also, is that a quote from something? A new lyric? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU DRAKE?!

Shortly after that, Drake posted another Instagram, and this one looks like a song being mixed on a laptop. He captioned it with the lightbulb emoji.


So obviously Drake is writing a song about how Rihanna broke his heart.

These Instagrams came two days after an insider reported "Rihanna and Drake are seeing other people at the moment," aka LOVE IS DEAD.

Apparently "their schedules have gotten in the way" of their love, which is just about the saddest thing I've ever heard in my life.

To make matters worse, Drake has reportedly been hooking up with model India Love.


Can't you just please get back together with RiRi, for me, the most important person in this relationship? Please.