Drake Bell Just Got Sentenced To Jail Time After Getting Busted For A DUI

Drake Bell, what happened to you?

According to TMZ, the Nickelodeon child star was sentenced to 96 hours in jail following not his first, but his second DUI conviction.

Yep, the 30-year-old reportedly took a plea deal after he was charged with a DUI and arrested in December 2015 in Los Angeles.

Glendale Police

Late last year, the singer was pulled over by the LAPD at around 2:20 am, after he was seen driving recklessly by authorities. The police apparently smelled alcohol in the car and arrested him on suspicion of a DUI. He was taken into custody in Glendale, California.

In California, if you have had two DUIs within 10 years, that means four days minimum of county jail time for you.

Bell was previously convicted in 2010 for a DUI arrest in 2009.

Didn't you learn your lesson once, Drake? He is turning into such a former child star cliche. Sigh.

And drinking and driving isn't the only thing Bell has been up to.

Recently, he has done shows with his band at venues around the US and in Mexico. But this is bad timing for the "Drake and Josh" star, who is headlining the High School Nation tour with his band this month.

We don't know yet if his tour will be affected by this sentencing, but if the students find out this guy is a hot mess, I'm sure it will be a little awkward.

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