Did Beyoncé Give Birth To Her Twins? Here's What We Know

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How do I know this? Well, first of all, Beyoncé and I are spiritually connected. So these are just things I know deep in the very fiber of my being.

But also, Beyoncé, our Lord, light and savior, has been suspiciously quiet this week, during a pregnancy where she's otherwise been very vocal.

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The last time we saw Beyoncé in public was on May 5 when she went out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Kelly Rowland.

She posted pictures of her outfit on Instagram.

Her pregnancy Insta posts have been a master class in pregnancy fashion, but she didn't post pictures of her at the actual event.

The last time she posted a picture of herself at an actual event was when she attended her mother's Wearable Art Gala in support of the WACO Theater Center on Saturday, April 29.

She posted pictures from the event the next day.

It was just days before the Met Gala, which she didn't attend!!!

Beyoncé always goes to the Met Gala. She's had iconic looks at the Met Gala. Beyoncé wouldn't miss the Met Gala without good reason.

I'd say giving birth to twins would be a damn good reason. That, or preparing for the birth of your twins soon to come!!

Back in April, I spoke to an OBGYN to get their professional opinion on when we can expect Beyoncé's twins to arrive. Dr. Tolaymat predicted Queen Bey would give birth by mid-June at the latest, but she noted doctors never let twins come to full term (40 weeks) as it puts the mother at risk.

She said, “But with twins, we usually deliver them at 38 weeks, we don't let them go that far."

So it's a safer bet to assume Beyoncé would give birth around mid/end of May, AKA RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW.

My ~professional~ guess is that Beyoncé induced labor on Mother's Day this past Sunday, because you KNOW that's a thing she would do. Like, if Beyoncé has the option to birth her twins on Mother's Day and just claim the holiday as her own, she will do it. It is her right as supreme ruler of the universe.

But there are also rumors running through Twitter that Beyoncé actually had her baby shower at the Ice Cream Museum in LA on Mother's Day. And honestly, if she wasn't going to give birth on Mother's Day, I could totally see her having her shower that day.

The rumors are coming from the fact that Beyoncé and Jay Z were seen at the Ice Cream Museum on Sunday, the same day Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter, Apple, had her birthday party at the same exact location.

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are really close friends with Beyoncé and Jay Z, so this is a total possibility.

The Bey Hive also thinks Tina Lawson's posts on Instagram from Mother's Day were actually pictures of her at Bey's baby shower.

And they might be right... THOSE ARE LEMONS IN THE BACKGROUND!! Nothing is coincidence when it comes to Bey.

But those rumors about the baby shower are only possible if you believe that Bey hasn't already had the babies.

And if her lack of posts on Instagram are any indication, it's totally possible that the twins are already here.

Beyoncé hasn't posted anything on Instagram in six days. This was the last look she posted:

A TRULY iconic look, but where have you been ever since, Bey?!

Up until this post, Beyoncé had been posting on Instagram consistently just about every week. Seriously, stalk her Instagram. She has been THOROUGH in this pregnancy.

But now, radio silence.

Some people think it's because she already gave birth weeks ago and the pictures she's posted since are just to cover the trail.


So basically, Beyoncé has either already had the twins, is prepping for them to arrive REALLY SOON or is literally in labor right now.