15 Photos That Prove Beyoncé's Pregnancy Style Is Undefeated

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Beyoncé announced her pregnancy on the first day of Black History Month and since then, it's been a whirlwind of #BlackGirlMagic all over the place -- not just with her philanthropic efforts, but also with her style.

It's not like she wasn't one of the best dressed celebrities in the business before (because: duh), but the twins seem to have pushed her style into overdrive. Every week, the pop star elects to prove that her fabulousness never ends.

Pregnancy itself is not glamorous in many ways, and I'm pretty sure Beyoncé is experiencing many of the regular discomforts that pregnant women feel. Twitter is also sure:

But it is wonderful to see her celebrate her pregnancy in such a glamorous way.

So before the twins officially come out and give us two new details to obsess over, let's take a moment to marvel at the pregnancy style of Mama Beyoncé.

1. She goes for the gold.

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She glittered in sheer, gold perfection that night as she belted out her Lemonade hits.

2. More  glitter on the 2017 Grammys red carpet.

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In a dress that looks like it was inspired by Dorothy's red slippers, the pop star enjoyed a triumphant Grammy night.

3. She goes green as well.

Bey left no deets about where she was headed in this flowy, green dress but she looked like a straight-up bombshell.

4. She also does cutouts, chokers and sexy boots.

Who says pregnancy style can't be sexy? Beyoncé's black "Freak'Um" dress says you're a liar.

5. Want nudes? Oh, Yoncé's got nudes.

Expensive ones.

6. Is this violet or indigo?

It doesn't matter. She looks amazing with minimal accessories.

7. Beyoncé sent more nudes, guys.

There's something so rock star about these pointed toe open-ankled boots and her sunglasses.

8. Baby hair and cornrows for her dinner date.

This mama loves red. And yes, she's headed to the dinner that sparked all of those hilarious menu memes.

9. She and Blue did all-white for Easter Sunday.

The epitome of dressing in your "Sunday best."

10. She went red (again) on the red carpet.

Beyoncé let Rihanna steal the show at the Met Gala, but she that doesn't mean The Queen didn't hit up a red carpet of her own for a different gala.

She graced the Waco Theater Center with her mom, sister and former bandmates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for the Inaugural Wearable Art Gala in LA.

11. Of course, the Queen Bey does black and gold.

She's the Head Bey In Charge. Stepping out in the hive's resident black and gold hues is nothing to a boss.

Doesn't she look all Coachella-fied with her Gucci top-handle bag and fun platform shoes? And we'll just call those ombre waves she's rocking so effortlessly, her "vacation hair."

12. Mixed prints were on the menu for Cinco de Mayo.

The pop star celebrated Cinco de Mayo with her former bandmate and bestie, Kelly Rowland, at a vegan Mexican restaurant, Gracias Madres, in LA, People reported. Her outfit for the holiday included a Gucci blazer and nude YSL sandals.

Maybe I'm just fanning out, but the cutest part is that she's wearing maternity jeans from Top Shop, according to Fashion Bomb Daily. Mama Beyoncé obviously still shops like the rest of us sometimes.

13. She also has t-shirt days.

Just a casual slay with her "Preggers" T-shirt.

14. No Insta caption, all #BlackGirlMagic.

Shining, shining, shining! Sheer is still sexy when you show off your bump.

15. She wore florals and metallics to the LA Clippers game.

Let the record show that whether she's at awards shows, family dinners, basketball games or (probably) headed to deliver those twin babies—Beyoncé is always going to be dressed to impress.

Who said maternity style was all sweatpants and sneakers?