Dax Shepard Honored His 12 Years Of Sobriety With Sweet Tweet To Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard just shared a super short yet incredibly sweet message for his wife and children on Twitter.

It's been 12 years since Shepard gained sobriety after years of addiction.  The TV and film star has been very open about his struggles in the past, and in honor of the day, he decided to send a lil' love to Kristen Bell and their two daughters, Lincoln and Delta.

Shepard and his Bell have talked openly about Dax's struggles with substance abuse.

Recently, Kristen Bell stopped by "CBS Sunday Morning" where she talked about the couple's relationship and how his history affected their family.

During the interview, she said,

He knows the value of things. He was an addict for many, many years and he pulled himself out of it, and he's been sober for 11, 12 years now. And he knows how many times he's messed up and how many times he's been really close to losing everything.

Dax has also personally spoken about his addictions. During an interview with Playboy, he recounted,

Mostly my love was Jack Daniel's and cocaine. I was famous for going out on Thursday night to have a couple of beers, and that just led all the way to Saturday night. I would meet people here and there, and then I'd be in a hotel room with four strangers. 'Oh, they're tapping out? Well, someone new showed up. Well, what's your name? Yeah, I'd love to go dancing.' I lived for going down the rabbit hole of meeting weird people. Of course, come Monday I would be tallying up all the different situations, and each one was progressively more dangerous. I got lucky in that I didn't go to jail.

Congrats on the milestone, Dax! Keep it up!

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