Cruz Beckham Released A Christmas Song

Being a child of David and Victoria Beckham earns you an automatic free pass to three career choices: soccer player, singer or model.

And it looks like little Cruz is already making good on one of those.

He may only be 11 years old, but he just dropped a Christmas song and, er, you haven't.

Cruz announced the debut on Instagram yesterday before it played on London's Capital FM radio station this morning.

It's called "If Every Day Was Christmas," and it's as cheesy and generic and AMAZING as you'd imagine.

He actually sounds like an innocent Justin Bieber before the tattoos and attitude (but give it time).

His dad, David Beckham, filmed Cruz listening to the new song drop on the radio while he sat in his school uniform -- a reminder of his age and how little we accomplished by the time we were 11. Thanks.

Cruz looks sheepishly at the kitchen table and breaks out a cheeky smile when he hears it for the first time.

His dad wrote,

Not his average morning before school... Proud of my little man with his new Christmas single and also helping children around the UK with the proceeds of this.

Cruz's mom, Victoria, also shared the social media love. She posted a video of backing vocals lending him lungs.

It's official. Now that Cruz is apparently an international singer, Brooklyn is no longer the number one Beckham child.

I'm not too sure what Brooklyn's up to these days. But he's posting bizarre Instagram videos for a start:

And throwing in a bit of modeling in his spare time.

Looks like he's an author, too.

The eldest Beckham child was dating Chloë Grace Moretz up until recently -- but their relationship status remains confusing.

Only recently, the couple appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue, confusing the world.

I'm out. Cruz is my obsession now.

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