Chrissy Teigen Reflects On Life After Making Twitter Private: ‘It Changes You'


Every time I'm bored and browsing the internet, I hit up Chrissy Teigen's Twitter.

If you want real entertainment, this girl will make you laugh out loud with just 140 characters.

Forget YouTube or Facebook -- I'd rather read about Chrissy pissing off her husband or writing movie reviews of "Mrs. Doubtfire."


By the time I finish scrolling through her feed, I've already pissed my pants. (Slight exaggeration, it's only happened twice.)

At the beginning of October, Chrissy did the unthinkable and made her Twitter private. Fans were in shock until they realized it didn't affect them one bit. If you were already following Chrissy, you made the cut.


Elite Daily was able to sit down with the 30-year-old model to discuss the real reason she went private and what she was hoping to gain.

When asked about how her life has changed since blocking out haters, Chrissy told us,

It's heaven, it's amazing... It was never meant to be like 'I only wanna hear from my fans,' which is why I didn't just leave it public and get mentions from people who I just follow... It's important for me to still interact with people... it wasn't that I didn't want to hear criticism, I just didn't want to hear hate.

Chrissy even said the change brought benefits to her health. She shared,

It's been... like a self-care move, I feel really good every day. I wake up pretty happy. I don't feel like everyone is mad at me for something, it changes you. There's something about it. [caption id="attachment_1680683" align="aligncenter" width="800"]REX/Shutterstock [/caption]

The star did want to clarify she enjoys using Twitter, despite her constant battle with online negativity.

The platform recently updated its abuse policies to add reporting and muting to combat internet trolls. Chrissy commented,

A lot of people think when I... go private and when I get off social media for a while they think I think Twitter is a bad thing, but no Twitter has been wonderful. They do as much as they can. It's a really hard thing to manage, troll wise and negativity, while balancing the First Amendment. That stuff is tough, and I understand where they're coming from, I'm just glad they're taking baby steps.

THANKS TWITTER, way to have our backs. And Chrissy? I'm looking forward to some good tweets this holiday season.

Your commentary is the only thing that will get me through Thanksgiving dinner with the fam.