Chrissy Teigen Made Her Twitter Private, So We Can All Go Home Now


First, the environment.

Then, reboots.

Now, Chrissy Teigen's Twitter.

Why must mankind ruin everything?

Chrissy Teigen switched her Twitter account to private Tuesday evening, taking with her every witty musing and snarky reply to trolls with poor grammar. Followers must now be approved by the “Lip Sync Battle” commentator before gaining access.

When one follower noticed the change, Chrissy claimed she was “not strong enough anymore” to maintain a public account.

In another tweet, she explained it wasn't haters who drove her to make the change, but the general toxic influence of social media.


The sheer tragedy of never being able to retweet Chrissy when she says the most relatable shit in the known universe is one from which most of us will never recover.

You think I'm being dramatic? YOU'RE being dramatic, ruiner!

This was preventable. There were signs.

We could have stepped in when her finger almost fell clean off her hand.


Or when she offered to step up and corral all the trolls on her own.


Or when she was brutally reminded of the evil lurking in her mentions.


Now, it's too late.

We fucked up and ruined the best part of our sad, empty lives.


She just wanted our empathy.


She just wanted to be treated with respect.


Enjoy writing your own adorable reflections on the puppy filter.


Good luck staying sane without proof at least one star is just like us.


Have so. much. fun. living in an online world without sick burns.


We took her for granted and now she's gone. Are you happy, internet? We disgust me.

Take some time and reflect upon the world we've created here, people. If it's the kind of place the creator of these spectacular fashion week snaps no longer feels appreciated, then perhaps it's time to change.

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