Chrissy Teigen Celebrates Luna's 4-Month Birthday With Adorable Snapchat Video

Has it seriously been only four months since precious baby Luna Simone Stephens came into this world?

On Sunday, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend celebrated their daughter's 4-month birthday with some extremely adorable Snapchat and Instagram videos.

Chrissy acknowledged that monthly birthday celebrations are only for infants in her Instagram caption, where she wrote,

4 months. Enjoy the month birthdays while you can, buttbutt!!

Mama Chrissy also took a video of little Luna with the squirrel Snapchat filter on her face. This was also very cute, but still kind of terrifying in a way.

This is mostly because sometimes, the filter does that thing where it gives the user demon eyes, which is very off-putting to see on a baby.

See, in this one, Luna looks very cute:


But in this one, her eyes are glowing red, possibly from the blood of the souls she just devoured:


So, that's a thing.

Not to be left out, Papa John Legend also posted an Instagram photo of his 4-month-old pride and joy:

In this photo, Luna is definitely 100 percent cute and 0 percent demon child.

Happy birthday, Luna!

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