Channing Tatum Delivered Alcohol To His Fans And The Reactions Were Hilarious – VIDEO

by Laura Rizzo

I just learned about the new app called Saucey, an alcohol delivery service. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS? Literally, they deliver alcohol right to your door. What a time to be alive. Saucey customers received the surprise of a lifetime when Channing Tatum delivered alcohol to fans, and the video is hilarious.

I seriously can't even imagine this happening to me. One of two things would go down: I would either get too flustered and slam the door in his face, or think it was some guy who looked like Channing Tatum and slam the door in his face. Is this a new thing I need to be on high alert for?

Tatum was personally delivering Born and Bred vodka to celebrate the boozy launch of the brand on Saucey. Not exaggerating, people lost their sh*t over Tatum greeting them with a fifth of liquor. Tatum is super proud of this vodka, and claims it's the best in the country. He told Refinery29,

Born and Bred started out as an experiment. We wanted to see if we could track down the best vodka in America and we're confident we found it at the Grand Teton Distillery. I love the stuff and this weekend I literally went door to door to get other people to try it too.

Honestly, this video makes me want to low-key try the vodka. Channing, could you please bring me a Born and Bred on the rocks with some lemon? What a doll.

Tatum visited with fans, accidentally walked in on someone in their underwear, and did shots with Saucey customers. He posted the video on Facebook with the caption,

I got to have a little fun freaking people out this weekend. With the help of SAUCEY we spent the day delivering Born and Bred Vodka to the good people of LA. Thanks to all who let us into your homes — a few of you owe money to the swear jar.

I don't blame anyone for throwing around a few f-bombs after being surprised by Tatum. Have you seen his body and hot face?!

If you're bumming out because you think you missed all the Channing Tatum fun, don't worry. According to Tatum's Facebook, Born and Bred will be doing the same thing in a different city soon so "keep your eyes peeled."