18 Celebrity Halloween Costumes That Will Make You The Star Of The Party

by Katie Corvino

When I was in third grade, I won a costume contest on Halloween for coming to school dressed as a robot.

I made the costume all by myself using tinfoil and cardboard boxes. It was cool to be recognized and stuff, but the only problem was I actually designed my costume to be a Hershey's Kiss.  Yeah, like the chocolate.

I still count it as a win in my book, but I was pretty upset no one noticed the tag coming out of my hat that read "Hershey's."


Moving on... I've always been into Halloween costumes since I can remember. It's fun to watch people dress up and see how much effort (or how little) they put into their costumes.

It's also fun to see what celebrities wear that day 'cause, you know, they have a lot of money. These people can afford to make a Hershey's Kiss costume out of straight-up silver.

If I was flowing in the dough, I'd pay an artist to carve me a costume out of pure chocolate. Yeah, then everyone would know I was a fucking piece of candy.

IT'S FINE, I'm over it.

ANYWAY, if you need a little inspiration for a Halloween costume this year, check out 18 celebrities who went all out for the holiday.

If, for some reason, you hate all the ideas I've provided for you, then just go as a Hershey's Kiss or robot.

I promise that tinsel will make the boys go wild.

1. Let's start with Ellen DeGeneres. You could be one of the Kardashian sisters or just make up your own like she did.

Sup, Karla?

2. You can kill it as "Cat in the Hat" and force bae to dress up with you.


Ugh, couple goals.

3. Unless you're single AF -- then you can pull a Nicki Minaj and go as the badass princess you are.

My hero.

4. If you give zero fucks, hit up a Halloween party dressed as a Viking like Reese Witherspoon did.

It's funny, right?!

5. Or if you're into something different, wear a cute costume and cover yourself with fake blood. Dead things are in!


Gwen Stefani knows how to do it!!!!

6. You can also keep things simple by being an adorable lil kitty like Hilary Duff...


"Hey now, hey nowwwwww."

7. ...or a cow like Ariana Grande.


Check out those choker bells.

8. If you're going for something a little sexy, try a skeleton. JLo looked fierce AF last year (and also like she was gonna murder someone... but whatever, it's hot).


9. If you want a total disguise, buy a "Bananas in Pajamas" costume like Rita Ora did. No one will know it's you, I promise!!!!


10. You can also embrace the cold and be an Eskimo girl. Thanks for the inspo, Kylie Jenner.


11. Tom Brady and Gisele went as Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion from "Wizard of Oz" one year, so there's that.


12. And if you can't decide between two costumes, be both! Lindsay Lohan went as a vampire cat because YOLO, I guess?!?!



13. Follow in Demi Lovato's footsteps by making a song come to life.

I'm like "hey, what's up, hello..."

14. Or be like The Rock and go all out as your favorite TV character.


Look at those muscles, yo.

15. Heidi Klum and Gigi Hadid took things to the next level dressed as Jessica Rabbit and Sandy from "Grease."


16. Or if you're looking for something comfy, try being a pegacorn like Taylor Swift was one year.



17. Need a costume idea for you and your BFF? Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne have got you covered.


18. Wanna get the whole fam involved? Show off your super powers and dress up like the Avengers.


Kourtney Kardashian crushed the game.

DAMN, that's a lot of great stuff. Hopefully now your creative juices are flowin'.

See you guys on October 31 -- I'll be the psycho stealing candy from children. BYE!