It Looks Like Calvin Harris Totally Calls Out Taylor Swift In New Music Video


Calvin Harris' "My Way" music video is one last big middle finger to Taylor Swift.

While it seems like it's been 45 years since Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift broke up, the reality is they've only been broken up since June.

Crazy, I know. It feels like a billion things have happened since their split, including Swift briefly rebounding with an older more British version of Harris.


While the immediate days after the Swift and Harris relationship ended seemed to be pretty cordial, it's been a pretty negative breakup ever since, mostly stemming from Taylor wanting more credit over her involvement with a song they collaborated on with Rihanna.

We have a new chapter in their breakup story, though. One that could not be more heavy handed if it tried to be.

It's Calvin Harris' new music video, and I'm just going to go ahead and let you draw your own conclusions about whom he's referring to in these lyrics:

Why wait to say At least I did it my way Lie awake, two faced But in my heart I understand I made my move And it was all about you Now I feel so far removed You were the one thing in my way You were the one thing in my way You were the one thing in my way You were the one thing in my way You were the one thing in my way You were the one thing in my way


If you somehow missed whom Calvin "Ham-Fisted" Harris was talking about in the lyrics, I strongly suggest you look at the obscenely forced symbolism behind the video.

First you have computer landscapes blurring out his reality with that brunette hologram girl, much like social media blurred out his relationship with this brand he was dating known as Taylor Swift.

Then, Calvin and the lady become distant in their home life -- aka, when the paparazzi and tweets aren't there -- all with shots interspersed by a guy wearing a VR headset.

Then, the computer screen turns off, both in the video and on their relationship.

It's like the worst episode of "Black Mirror."

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