Caitlyn Jenner's Mom Says She'll Always Refer To Caitlyn As 'Bruce'

Drake Bell isn't the only one who is going to continue to call Caitlyn Jenner "Bruce."

Caitlyn's own mother made it clear she'll refer to Caitlyn by her former name.

However, Esther Jenner's decision doesn't come from a place of hate.

It is simply because she wants to honor the name she and her husband chose for their child.

The 88-year-old said,

I still have to call him Bruce. His father and I named him that. It's going to be a struggle for me to get used to the change, but happily so. I'm very happy for him – or her!

Clearly, this transition will be difficult for Esther Jenner to get used to, but it seems she's doing pretty well.

Esther added,

I was there last week, well actually, I got home a week and a half ago. And I met Caitlyn. She is… so much more at ease. She's beautiful!

It's great to hear that Caitlyn's mother accepted her and welcomed her with open arms, even if she'll keep on calling her by her birth name.

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